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Welcome to Turning Point Children's Ministries

Serious About Children

We take Children's Ministry seriously at Turning Point. We take great care to provide a safe and fun environment for children of all ages to encounter the wonders of God, expand their faith, and explore their spiritual gifts. 


Generation NOW!

The mantra, "Children are the next generation" has given way to an apathetic attitude concerning children and their faith. We commonly put off, until a later time, training up our children in the ways of the Lord. When we finally get around to it, we are surprised that they have been captivated by a host of other things and are no longer interested.


At Turning Point we take training up our children seriously. Our mantra is, "Children are Generation Now." We design our children's ministries to incorporate the Turning Point CITI Vision on their level. Our purpose is to teach them how to be effective and productive minister's in their generation and to make their transition into adult church a seamless one.


Guiding Purpose

One of our greatest desires is to experience multigenerational corporate worship that is marked by our common bond in the spirit and unencumbered by our age divisions.

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