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Welcome to Turning Point Cross Current

A cross current is a stretch of turbulent water in a river or sea caused by one current flowing into another current.

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We believe our children live in a world where absolutes have been diminished. Our children need a strong foundation of absolute faith to stand against the turbulence of their world.


The earnest desire we work towards and labor in prayer for is that our children would discover and choose to walk in the powerful flow of the Holy Spirit of God.


We believe this will give them the character, courage, and ability to stand for what is right and good as they navigate the turbulent cross currents within their generation.


We believe as they learn the truthfulness and the faithfulness of God's word that their faith will become authentic and be marked with the boldness that only comes from the Holy Spirit. 


We desire that our children play a significant redeeming role as their generation experiences a great awakening and return to the Lord.


The absolute standard that will facilitate this is the Word of God. The Word of God will be taught without compromise and modeled, to the best of our abilities, by all the leaders of Cross Current for kids.



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