Why Should a Believer connect to a Church Body?


While there are many views about the church, the fact remains that the church is God's idea. We must understand that the church does have it's problems because it is made up of broken people at many different levels of spiritual repair. In other words they are not perfect nor is it right to believe they should be. The church should be viewed as a spiritual hospital where people are being nurtured to health.

There is an old story of the conversation between the two angels who were with Jesus at the ascension as they looked back and saw the rag tag group that were Jesus followers. One angel looked at Jesus and said, "and if this doesn't work?" to which Jesus responded, "there is no plan B".

The church is very close to the heart of God and if a believer wants to live as close to the heart of God as possible then they should become part of a local church. The way to be successful and grow in maturity is not to make attempts to discover every problem in your church, anyone can do that. You don't even have to be a believer. But if each person in the church would pray to the Lord and ask, "what can I do to make my church better and more pleasing to your heart?", they would find God in ways they never before imagined; even in the imperfect church. 


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