What Does for People Like You Mean?


Jesus Christ came to offer what He called, "abundant life", to all people. At Turning Point we don't believe that church life is just for good people or privileged people but for all people. We believe that God loves and cares for all people and we are committed to welcoming all people among us. We want to help people from all walks of life, all age groups, all occupations, and all sorts of pasts to find the fulfillment of the abundant life that the Christ we serve offers to all humanity.

We like to say we are "For  People Like You". We say this because we are just normal , every day, non-religious people. We have families, dreams, and mortgages. We share some common hopes and fears. We are passionately looking for that  something more in life.

Here at Turning Point we believe we have found that something more in our faith and through the community we share together.

We are real people, searching for a real faith, in a real God in our life's turning points. Therefore, we can honestly say that Turning Point is "For People Like You". At Turning Point you're Family.


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