How Does a Believer Grow?



Believers grow as they determine to follow Christ with real faith and understand that it is not automatic. Believers grow in many ways but there are at least five definable categories.

The Instruction Manual

Everyone understands the importance of an owner's manual for the correct operation and maintenance of the things that simplify our life.

The bible is the instruction manual for the proper maintenance and peak performance of the human soul. Therefore every believer who desires to grow and make successful next steps must read the instruction manual for themselves.    

Plugged In

There was an actual story of a computer tech who lost their job after a lady called in because her computer was not working. The tech worked with her for nearly an hour without any favorable results. Nearly in total frustration the tech decided to start from the very beginning. He asked, "is the machine turned on?", the lady replied, "yes". He then asked , "is the machine plugged in?", the lady replied, "yes". After another 20 minutes he asked the lady to unhook all the wires on the back of the computer in a last ditch effort to resolve the issue. The lady replied that she didn't think she would be able to because her electricity had been off for nearly two hours and she wouldn't be able to see. The tech then told the lady that when the lights come back on, box up the computer, and return it to the store where she bought it and tell customer service that she wanted a refund because she was too stupid to own a computer.

Being plugged into God is the life source of any believer no matter how new they are or how long they have walked with Him. As a new believer it is important to begin on the right foot concerning prayer. If you start off right, this discipline will serve you well and keep you plugged into God even through difficult times.

Many struggle here because they want to get all their answers from someone else. They end up like the lady in this story; no matter who tells you what to do it doesn't work because your unplugged. 

Hanging Out

When God created the world He would say this about whatever He created, " it is good". When He created man though He said, " it is not  good for man to be alone". God then made a helper for the man. As believers we can not successfully walk with Lord alone. We need others to help us, encourage us and hold us accountable. That is what the body of believers is for. It is called fellowship and is an important part of our growth and maturity.

Going Public

In marketing they say there is nothing as good as a satisfied customer to promote your product. While this is true I believe their is another psychology at work here as well. When we buy something or find something that we believe is useful or worthwhile we love to share it with those we care about or hang out with. This valuable sharing is what validates our relationships.

The same is true when we find a cure for what aches in our soul and we become believers. If it is real and we value it, then we feel compelled to share it with those we care about. There is no way we can just keep it to ourselves. We need to be careful not to be too pushy but we need to validate our relationship with God by sharing it with those we care about. 

Standing Up

To continue on the marketing theme that we are all familiar with; when a person makes a switch to a new brand, the old brand does not just lie down and quit but works hard to win the customer back.

When we become a believer and turn away from certain things that no longer hold us captive, those things work to capture our attention once again. The difference is that this is not just a brand switch but a life switch. To return to our old way of thinking and living is be taken captive by that which left us so empty before. Don't be fooled by the big promises and the so called bonuses for re-signing with your old life. In the end you will pay dearly.

This battle between the old and the new is called spiritual warfare and is a normal part of the believer's life. In Ephesians 6:10-18, the believer is issued armor for this warfare so that they can stand victoriously.

These five areas promote real and prolonged spiritual growth and are a must for all who want to grow in the Lord. Blessings as you grow in the Lord



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