Is TPCC a Safe Place to Experience God?


Yes, because . . .

Our Freedom in Worship Will Never Surrender to Fanaticism.

We are open and expressive, but differentiate between the "sound of praise" and the "noise of the people." We worship as a choir in chorus, not as soloists in competition. We worship in spirit with liberty, but at the same time, in concert under leadership. TPCC is a safe place to worship; we desire neither prideful formalism nor personal fanaticism.

Our Openness to One Another Will Never Exploit Anyone.

Ours is a fellowship that fosters communication and interaction, recognizing that true fellowship is not possible without authentic and transparent sharing. What is shared in prayer is sacred with us, and we hold this trust in loving confidentiality. TPCC is a safe place for fellowship; our love for you is unconditional, non-manipulative, and it covers weakness and sin with strength and forgiveness.

Our Welcoming the Ministry of The Holy Spirit Will Never Violate Scripture.

We ask the Holy Spirit to be present here, and to distribute gifts among us according to His will. We believe that ALL the gifts of the Holy Spirit are resident in the Church and every believer is urged to discover, develop, and deploy the gifts that God has given to them. In order to allow the Holy Spirit to minister effectively; we insist upon graciousness in ministry, submissiveness in spirit and order in operation.

Our adherence to Scripture Will not Translate into Narrow Mindedness.

We embrace all Scripture as being the inspired Word of God and receive it as being the one and only manual by which we live spiritual lives in the secular society. We respect those whose understanding of certain theological concepts differ from ours and we affirm those who love Jesus Christ though their philosophical viewpoints may not correspond with ours.TPCC is a safe place to learn the Scripture; we are not into judging, denouncing, or excluding, but rather presenting the faith we embrace with gentleness and respect.


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