In addition to the traditional Sunday offering or mailed-in check, giving can now be done electronically via the web, email, or by text message! To get started, make your first donation through our Giving Page to set up your account. After that you’ll be able to configure giving by email and text message. Our electronic donations are powered by a system called Mogiv.

Online Transactions & Reporting

How do I view my giving history?
You can view your giving history by logging in at with the information provided during your first donation on our giving page.

How do I get my giving receipts?
Every time you give, a transaction receipt will be sent via e-mail. You can also log into Mogiv at anytime to view or print receipts and giving history of donations made through Mogiv. We also provide an end of year giving statement which includes all donations whether made electronically through Mogiv or by any other method.

Account Information:

Can I change my Mogiv password?
Yes. Log into your account on Mogive to do that.

Can I change my user ID on Mogiv?
Mogiv does not allow you to change your username once it is created.

Online Giving Functionality:

What if my credit card or bank information changes?
You may change all payment methods from within your Mogiv account by logging in there.

Can I schedule a repeating automatic donation?
Yes! The online system enables you to make either a one-time contribution or set-up a repeating contribution that is scheduled to come out of your bank account at the time of month specified by you.

Can I modify or cancel my scheduled automatic donations?
Yes. Log into your Mogiv account to change or cancel any of your scheduled gifts. You can edit the amount to be given, the card to be used, the scheduled date, or anything else from within your account.

How do I know I’ve set up my gift correctly or that the scheduled gift has been received each month?
When your contribution is processed through our online system, you will receive an email confirming the gift.

Is online giving secure?
Yes. We’ve taken steps to ensure that the giving process is safe and secure from beginning to end. All of your giving data is secured by a number of security measures including your web browser’s SSL encryption.

Mobile Giving Functionality:

How do I make a gift by text message?
To give via text message simply text a numeric dollar amount to For example texting the number 25 will initiate a $25 gift and respond with instructions for verifying your gift. All funds given will come from your credit card or checking account (whichever you’ve set up), not your cellular provider.

Do I need to have a smart phone to make a mobile donation?
No, however your first donation will have to be made through the web or by email. This will walk you through the steps of creating your account with Mogiv. Once that is done you may add your mobile number as a contact option in the “Settings” area of your Mogiv profile. After activating your number you can text from either a smart phone or any older model phone.

How do I make a gift by email?
Send an email to with a numeric dollar amount as the subject or body of the email. For example, sending an email with the number 25 in the subject line will initiate a gift of $25 and email you back with instructions for verifying your gift.

General Stewardship & Giving Questions:

What is a Tithe? What is an Offering?
In the Bible, a tithe is 10% of one’s income. An offering is when you give above and beyond your tithe, such as supporting other ministries and causes.

What does my gift support?
Your gift enables Turning Point to fulfill its mission and vision to, “Reach our community and disciple believers.” It also supports the operations of the church and its ministries.

Are there any fees involved in online giving?
Turning Point pays a 2.9% processing fee for all credit/debit card gifts and a 1% fee for ACH gifts made. You do not pay any fees.

What is an ACH transaction?
An ACH transaction is an electronic transfer of funds between an originating bank (yours) and a receiving bank (ours).

Can I give to Turning Point by check?
Yes. Please make checks payable to “Turning Point CITI Church”. If mailing to Turning Point, send to:

Turning Point CITI Church
ATTN: Accounting
944 Stony Point Rd.
Dixon,IL 61021

Can I speak with someone about an issue with my online giving to Turning Point?
Yes! Please send us an email. We will respond quickly.

Donating by credit card is offered as a convenience. If using a credit card, we encourage you to use it wisely and to avoid debt service.