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You Make Me Crazy

Discover ways to unload past pain and build healthy life-giving relationships.

TRANSIT- Perfect Vs Progress


Heaven Touched Earth

A Name from Above, A Body from Below, A Invitation for All.

Church A Team Sport


Make Church Great Again


Back to Church


The Power of Invitation


The Bible doesn't say that


Ken Gaub- Annual visit


First Fruits Followers


Memorial Day


Invisible Mother


Shadows of Grace


Effective Church


Acceleration 2019

Discover how to break the gravitational pull of the world, the flesh, and the devil on the Super Highway of the upright.

Unbelievable Love


How to Build a Beautiful Lifestyle


The Power of Routine


The King Maker

Who is the King of America?

Back to Church 2018


Come and See!


Journey to Freedom

Lloyd Vandenberg



Ken Gaub- Daniel

Annual visit

Check your Oil


No Longer


The Struggle is Real




Pentecost has Come


Godly Mothers- Proverbs 22:36


Standing on the Promises


Greatest Mysteries Unveiled


Overcoming Adversity


Blank Space

Creating Margin in Your Life

Releasing the Power of a Renewed Mind


Breakthrough 2018


Expect the Unexpected


Thankfulness- Always a Choice

Habakkuk 3:17-19

Reformation- Then and Now


I Love Sunday's

Make Sunday the Best Day of the Week

Keys to the Kingdom


I Am Healed?

How to maintain your healing.

Water into Wine

The Best for Last

Your work matters- Finding purpose in the workplace


This is my Story





The lesser known Character

Six Pillars of Life




Outcasts- Friends of Jesus


Freedom's Light


Hooked- The Trap of Temptation

Discover Temptation's worst nightmare!

I Love my Church


Own the Vision


One Nation Under God


Greater Than


Unwrapping the Gifts of Christmas-Hope,Love,Peace,Joy


Make your voice heard- Living in the latter days


Jesus changes everything

Now's the time to Invite for back to Church




The Delight Code

The Lord is our reward

Go the second Mile, Matthew 5:38-42

Miracle Mile

Believer's Declaration of Interdependence

Fourth of July

What's in your bones?

What is supporting your life?

Don't Let Your Fire Go Out

A Command with a Caution and a Condition

Memorial Day-Never forget the Sacrifice

How do we honor the sacrifice?

Taking Down Your Giant

Discover the Power of God to take down your giant.

Ten:02 Challenge

Without compassion for lost souls all our passion for God is wasted.

Start Your Best Year Ever

How long will we waver between 2 opinions?

Christmas 2015

The way you respond to the light of Christmas determines the JOY of your HOPE!

God's Game Plan

We perfect what we practice.

Untrapping Thanks Giving

Are you ONE out of TEN?

Bring Back the Glory

An Unshakable Church in Unthinkable Times.

Work Out Your Salvation

Grace is the Power to do do the Work

Staus Quo

How God turns your mess into a message.

Identity Wars

Identity in Christ 2 Cor 5:17

Unleashing an increasing faith

Faith is the key that unlocks and unleashes the powerful promises of God.

Our Refuge

Building a house of prayer.

Contend for the Faith

Why contend, with whom, and for what?

Evangelist Michael Imhof

Never Give Up

ACTS Leadership Summit

"God's Arrow, The Zone, Life Storms"

Relation Slips

Insights for navigating relational tripping hazards.

Art of Contentment

Discover the real Secret of Contentment.

Call of Duty

How to gain victory in spiritual warfare.


Once you encounter our extraordinary God in these four areas you will never be ordinary again.

Together Assymbly Rrequired

What is Wrong with My Church?

What's the Point

What's the point to living a moral and upright life?

The Grind

Discover the miraculous hidden in in your everyday view.

The Hope of the Resurrection

From hopeless to hopeful in six weeks.

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