Breakthrough 2022 Day 1

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Day 1 Monday Jan 3

Today on the first day of our breakthrough fasting and prayer to “Turn the Page and Move Forward”  we read about God the Creator, God the Father, God the Redeemer, and our natural and spiritual beginnings.

It is nearly impossible to even fathom what we were created for, the spiritual severance, the emotional brokenness that transpired or the darkness that engulfed man because of the fall in the in the Garden of Eden. Equally difficult to fathom is the comprehensive ability of God the Father to bring about total reconciliation and restoration through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

One overarching result for all humanity is the almost impossible idea to comprehend God as our Father. The universal brokenness of the fall sets relational barriers on all of us.

Today we begin our fast crying out to the person of God as our Creator and Father who has made provisions for our complete redemption that we may engage the life He created us for through the promise of Christ Jesus.

I would encourage us all on this first day to get as transparently honest as we can by confessing out loud the limitation(s) that impede us from experiencing God as our Father and then asking God to forgive us and heal us of this specific brokenness that we may begin to relate to God as the Father He desires to be to us.

To know and relate to God truly as your Father may be the greatest personal spiritual revelation that a human being can ever encounter.

How do you say, “MY FATHER?”