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Welcome Home

We are honored that you have taken an interest in Turning Point, a unique church family where God is doing awesome things.

We are sure you will have many questions about our ministries, so we invite you to look around the site, and should you need more details connect with us below.

"For People Like You"

Turning Point boldly claims to be for "People Like You" We can because we are just normal, everyday, non religious people.

We have families and mortgages. We share many common hopes and fears and we are passionately looking for that something more in life.

  • We believe we have found that something more in our faith and through the community we share together.
  • We are real people searching for real faith in a real God in our life’s turning points.
  • We are honored to be able to partner with you on your spiritual journey and to share with you what we have discovered.

Meet Our Pastors

Dr. Don & Patsy Beasley are founding pastors of Turning Point CITI Church.

Dr. Don serves as the overseeing apostle and Patsy serves as a the resident prophetic voice.

"We love Jesus because you can trust His love. When we became aware of Jesus Christ, the incredible offer of total forgiveness from our sordid past, and the promise of a prosperous future, we trusted nothing or no one."

Meet our Staff

Next Step Challenge

Everybody is on a spiritual journey and everybody is on a different step.

At Turning Point we are committed to creating a safe environment for everyone to discover what step they are on and how to take the next successfully.

We call this "The Next Step Challenge" and we are committed to taking the next step together.

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if you have any questions about who we are, contact us below and we will love to connect with you.

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