Breakthrough 2022 Day 2

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Day 2 Tuesday Jan 4

As difficult as it is for us to understand and process the reality that God desires to be our Father, it may be even more difficult for us to imagine holy God in His heavenly habitat where His throne is established and all of creation serves His will under His dominion.

When Adam disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden and his awareness of self was birthed and the eyes of His flesh were opened, he did two things. He created garments to attempt to cover his nakedness or shame from his wife (darkness) and he hid himself from the presence of God (Light).

In the flesh we still attempt to do these same things. (Jn 3:16-21) We masquerade to hide our inefficiencies from each other, and we attempt to hide or shield our self from the presence of God.

The reason this is such an exhausting task is that we were created to live in the presence of God and nothing else will ever truly satisfy.  

Today as we focus on” in Heaven” where God resides. I challenge us to drop all pretense of covering or hiding and simply come into His presence. Remember God knows it all already and that through Christ you have been invited to come before Him with boldness in your time of need. (Ps 103:18-22Heb 4:16)

As you come into the presence of God in His throne room, close your eyes, and imagine the scene in Rev 4:1-6. Allow yourself to hear the angels worshiping. See the elders rise from their thrones and cast their crowns at the feet of your heavenly Father and prostrate themselves as they worship Him crying holy, holy, holy. Reread Isaiah 6:1-13. Listen, what do you hear God saying?

WOW! It is no wonder Jesus taught us to focus on the person of God our Father and look to heaven where He resides. From this perspective everything changes, and our struggles and problems are dwarfed by His awesome presence and our spirit life is awakened.

Today from this place in the presence of your Heavenly Father in an act of worship cast yourself before Him and lay down your exhausting burden of the flesh and begin to ask your Father from His heavenly home to reveal Himself to you and your brothers and sisters that He may bless them with His awesome presence.

How do you activate, “IN HEAVEN?”