Breakthrough 2022 Day 5

Turningpoint   -  

 Friday January 7

We love that God created us with a free will that is until our free will supports a choice that brings a negative consequence and then we are quick to abandon our love for free will and revert to being the victim of some others will as we claim that we had no free will to choose.

One of the greatest hindrances in our lives to achieving a greater level of faith is the battle of our will when it is challenged or confronted with God’s will. This is illustrated through Joseph when he reveals to his brothers who he really is. They were rightfully terrified, but Joseph says, “what you willed for my harm, God willed for the good of saving many people.” This is the real meaning of Romans 8:28 “God wills and works all things for our good.”

Our Jeremiah reading that is often quoted is smack in the middle of a word to the exiles to prepare to stay for a good while in Babylon. It is amazing that God insists that His thoughts are for their good not to harm them but to give them real hope of a great future. Jeremiah says that we will call out to God and be heard when we come to Him with all our hearts or a surrendered will and then God will listen to us and perform His will for our lives.

Jesus said if any man wants to know what the will of God is then he is to put Jesus’ teaching into practice and then you will know by the results if He speaks on His own or for the Lord God almighty. This is what it means to believe in the one God sent.

Paul prayed over and over that the Lord would fill the Ephesians with a spirit of wisdom and revelation that they might know Him better. Let us continue to lay hold of that prayer and continue to pray for each other every day. May the Holy Spirit fill you to overflowing today with His wisdom and revelation and may you know Him and His will better.

The kingdom of God is governed by the will of God and not the whims of His servants. Today we are asking God to increase our personal faith and refresh us with the power of the Holy Spirit to believe that everything God says is possible.

One of the greatest ways to increase our faith is to exchange or trade our will or priority for God’s. This is one of the reasons we fast. Fasting facilitates a Gethsemane where we pray not my will, but Your will be done. Once we pray through, we will walk out of Gethsemane and walk in the overwhelming power that God’s will is already settled, and we are simply walking into it. That my friends will build your faith in the impossible.

Say it like it with PASSION, Your WILL be done.”