Breakthrough 2022 Day 6

Turningpoint   -  

Day 6 Saturday, January 8

With all the turmoil and chaos, it is difficult to remain patient and believe or exercise our faith in persistent prayer. You simply must have a Rhema word from God almighty.

Today we are either repenting and getting back on track or praying for renewed passion to continue through to our breakthrough and renewal. Seek to hear a Rhema word from God from heaven that will give you the patience of passionate conviction.

In 2016 the Lord revealed to me that He was giving America a reprieve or a stay in the judgement we deserved. It is now so quickly six years later. The bible says God disciplines those He loves. (Heb 12:10-11) I read that John Calvin said,” When God wants to judge a nation, He allows them wicked rulers.” If we refuse God’s discipline of wicked leaders then we invite God’s judgement by wicked leaders.

Today in our reading Moses gathered the elders of their tribes and officials that he might call heaven earth as his witness as he spoke to them about their rebellion and wickedness against God and the disastrous results of being abandoned by God.

Let us pray that God would raise up His remnant church and set one of His faithful servants anointed to release His message of repentance to our government leaders

David praised God on multiple occasions declaring that all the power, glory, victory, and majesty belong to Him who possess all that is in heaven and earth. He says that the kingdom is God’s, and God alone is the head over it all.

God declares that He is a God that is near at hand and not far away and that there is nowhere anyone can hide what they are doing from Him. What is being done can’t be hidden from God nor can it silence our cries for true justice and resolve.

The earth is the Lord’s possession and only wicked men would attempt to lay siege to that which belongs to the Lord. The Lord makes it clear that the wicked will be overthrown when His people return to Him and the heavens and the earth and all that are in them will rejoice over the abundance of righteousness.

Luke declares under the unction of the Holy Spirit that we should watch and pray that we may be counted worthy to escape the judgement that will come to pass and to stand before the Lord.

When Paul healed a lame man, the men of Lystra made an attempt to deify them and make sacrifice to them but Paul asked them, “Why are you doing these things we are men just like you with the same nature. He said further we preach that you should turn from these useless things to the living God who made all things. Worship is never to be directed toward men and is reserved for God alone 

 “God’s ways are higher than our and His thoughts are higher than ours.” God desires to bring His kingdom to earth with all His glory on display. God’s plans are seeds that will grow and produce what He has planned for them.

Today let’s pray for the perspective of God so that we can abandon ourselves to His purposes on earth as they are in heaven.

Say it with the CONVICTION, “On EARTH as it is in HEAVEN.”