Breakthrough 2022 Day 8

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Day 8 Monday January 10

Today we pray for healing of those battling illness or injury, among us and strength for their families and friends who must endure it. We ask God to increase our faith to believe what seems like the impossible.

Today we focus on the PARDON of our SIN. One of the greatest hindrances to healing is our difficulty believing that God will heal us. This is not a struggle to believe God can heal but that God will heal me because of my sin and shortcoming. This is really a battle of accepting the   forgiveness of our sin.

In our text today God says come let us reason together even though your sins are like crimson they shall be white as snow. If you are willing to reason with God and obey His leading you will experience the abundant life of all God’s promise. God says He will blot out our transgression and remember it no. When we agree with God, He cancels our sentence with a full pardon and erases our old life as He sets us on course with the life He imagined for us when He created us.

It is so incredibly important that we understand that healing is not something we earn because we are good enough but is the promise of God in Christ by whose stripes have been healed. When we turn to God and are forgiven the entire provision of Jesus redeeming work becomes ours. Every promise God ever made is yes in Christ. We speak the amen as we are saved from death, delivered from darkness, and healed from every infirmity.  

On one occasion Jesus healed a crippled man by telling him, “Arise and walk, your sins are forgiven.” The Pharisees reminded Jesus that only God can forgive sin. To which Jesus challenged them to explain the difference between forgiving sin and healing sickness. His purpose was to get them to admit that only God can do either.  

Ezekiel tells us that God takes no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked, is slow to anger, and delights to forgive and desires all mankind to experience the full measure of His redemption. We are promised over and over that if we confess our sin that God will forgive us and cleanse us the iniquity that facilitates our sin.

It is through forgiveness that Jesus oversees the provisions of our full pardon from all of sin’s power which includes infirmities. We must settle any doubt that God desires for us all to be completely saved, delivered, and healed.

Let’s not forget that the thief comes to rob us of our inheritance, destroy our relationships with God and each other, and to strip us of the redeemed life of God. Let’s   lean in and agree together that God will help us eliminate the stubborn struggle of unbelief.

Say it like a person who believes it, “FORGIVE ME of MY SIN.”