Breakthrough Fast 2022 Day 10

Turningpoint   -  

Day 10 Wednesday January, 12

Today we are praying for Christians who are suffering persecution and even being killed for their testimony of Jesus Christ. As we are praying for the protection of their families from physical threat from governments that oppose their faith in Jesus Christ. Let us pay attention to what we are living through in real time. May we glean courage from their testimony as we share the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ with as many as we can.

We are asking God to lead us away from the temptation to participate in or practicing evil. God instructed Israel as they entered the Promise Land to remember that the Lord had led them and fed them manna in the desert for forty years to humble them and test them to see what was in their heart. Would they keep and obey God’s will in the comfort of prosperity?

Jabez prayed that as God blessed him and expanded him that he would not be lured away by the arrogance of prosperity. This is another way of asking God to keep Him humble.

The wickedness and violence of men increases when immorality is flaunted by civic leaders, elected officials, and media personalities. The Psalmist said that God’s word is like silver purified seven times. That is when the silversmith would see himself in the silver. The God of the word would speak up for and defend the poor in spirit in their generation from the wicked who prowl against them. Lean in today and allow your heart to be encouraged by  word of promise.

Jesus tells us to let our yes be yes and our no be no. This again is the response of the humble. Jesus told Peter that Satan had asked for and gotten permission to sift him as wheat. That is a testing at the finest level.

Paul says he was given a thorn in the flesh (Messenger of Satan) to buffet the arrogance of his flesh because of the revelation of Christ and the kingdom he had been given. He asked for it to removed three times but was told that Christ grace (revelation) was sufficient for him for the Lord’s strength is made perfect in weakness. Paul said, “he would gladly boast in his weakness that Christ power might rest on him.”

The temptation to abandon God’s leading is common to the human experience. We want to lead our self and make our own way. All you need to do is look around. Who could have ever imagined how far from God a nation can become once we make the decision to abandon God and His ways? Scripture is beaming with this common desire to be independent of God or as the serpent said, “You shall be like God.”

The evil temptation of being independent from God is so common among men we are instructed to pray, “Lead me not into temptation,” so that we will remember and never forget that we have a common enemy whose only mission is to destroy us and only as we follow the Lord our shepherd can we be delivered from the temptation to live independent from God.

With all that is going on I encourage us all to keep looking up our redemption is drawing nigh. Do everything you can to remain patient, believe God’s promise, and pray with persistence. God is on the throne, He is in charge, and he is not finished with us yet.

Say it like your life depends on it, “Lead ME not into TEMPTATION.”