Breakthrough Fast 2022 Day 18

Turningpoint   -  

Day 18 Thursday January 20

Today we pray for great provision of God that will give us a glimpse of His per perspective and the great plans He has ordained for your life. Pray that God will give you the supernatural vision to see His paths for your life and the discernment to make critical decisions with His wisdom.

Our reading begins with Jesus telling the multitudes in the Sermon on the mount to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things (the things He was discussing) will be added unto you. What a massive change of perspective for most of us to seek a kingdom other than our own.

We find Jesus’ disciples amazed at what happened the fig tree He had cursed. Jesus told them that if they would believe what He said and not doubt that they would do even greater things. He went so far as to say whatever you ask in prayer believing you would receive.

James tells us to be doers of the word and not hearers only. He said we can deceive ourselves into believing that hearing the truth would be enough. He compared it to looking into a mirror and then forgetting what you see. What He is saying is that if you do not do what you hear you will forget how to hear. He finishes by saying that doers are blessed in that they will experience what they hear and never forget.

John tells us not to believe every spirit but to test them to see if they are from God. There are many voices claiming to speak for God. We must test them and prove them by the Holy Spirit.

Today we find our self at a watershed moment in history. We are on the brink of massive change. We must understand that no matter from what vantage point you observe the world and the changes, God is still God and he is looking for people to advance his kingdom. Some of the greatest miracles ever seen and recorded are teed up for those with the courage to believe.

It is hard to find any provisional promise of God that can be activated apart from prayer. There is literally nothing we can do that has more impact to secure the provisional promises of God that will bring us kingdom advancement and prosperity than to engage God the Father in prayer and simply obey His promptings.

WOW! What incredible PROVISION is ours through PRAYER? Is it any wonder that our enemy would do whatever he could to keep us from prayer and is there anything more important on earth that we should pursue with passion than to secure God’s PROVISION through PRAYER?