Breakthrough Prayer Day 20

Turningpoint   -  

Day 20 Saturday January 22

Begin to gather up the gems you have gained to TURN the PAGE and MOVE FORWARD in these days of renewed prayer. There can be no greater place of peace this side of eternity than resting in the presence of our Heavenly Father’s love. Hearing His imagination of the redeemed purpose over your life through Jesus Christ.

God has called heaven and earth as witnesses that He has set before everyone on earth life and death, blessings and curses. God implores us to choose life. Life is God’s preferred will for all His creation. God has declared that the benefit for those who choose life is the ability to love God, obey His commands, and cling to Him, for in the reality He is our LIFE and can lengthen our days with peace.

God declares that the secret things belong to Him. Secrets like the patience of His mercy or the swift execution of His judgement. We have all asked how long oh Lord will you allow evil to increase and reign and refuse to defend the righteous? We must remember that God is eternal and not bound by our time construct it only appears that He is doing nothing.  On the other hand those things which are revealed such as the invitation to approach God for forgiveness and living life in the spirit to the glory of God belongs to us and to our children forever that we may do all the mighty exploits of His word.

From the time of the expulsion from the Garden of Eden the carnal mind of the human condition exalts itself in rebellion and sides with the serpent to be at enmity with God like the line of Cain while the mind of the spirit humbles itself in obedience to God and finds life and peace as we seek to dwell in His presence, like the line of Seth. The bible is filled with examples of this human battle to encourage us to seek and follow the way of the line of Seth and discourages from seeking and following the way of the line of Cain.

The greatest blessing of humble obedience through prayer is spiritual peace that passes the understanding of enmity of the carnal man. If we seek to understand with the carnal mind we find only the curse of death but when we believe God’s word in our heart and simply begin to obey God our minds are washed and renewed and we discover the blessing of life bot now and evermore. It is only the peace of obedience that overcomes the hostility of the carnal mind.

Thank God today in as many ways as you can imagine for the PEACE we have been granted in CHRIST to PRAY for GOD’s intervention in our affairs.